Oli went for some spothunting a while ago and really pushed us to come all together and get to this awesome place. It was a bit difficult to find the right date and time in our busy calenders but as soon as we had one weekend found we waited for it to come real. We started at 6 o’clock in the morning and had a two hour drive. The access to the excavator was due to the public acces till 2018 pretty easy and we started to explore right away. Alex and Oli went for some mental climbs as you can see in the pictures, where Eddy and me just went up over some ladders. I felt, that I wasn’t ready for the extra mental focus on climbing in hight since I had my camera in my hands and was looking for some cool shots all the time. In the end I was really happy in my position just documenting the others in this big metal construction and was just enjoying the exploring. Lets move on for some cool shots:


(dont do this without experience and without your companion…we all have enough years of movementpracticing and really can assess our abilities, so we dont do this just for fun!)