from dance to time and vice versa.

Perceiving time is not possible? What is it, that is growing our nails, throwing off the leaves every autumn or brings us at the same position of earth one year after another!? Is it just the tool we work with to explain certain things, a physical unit? In this serie we played with time in different perspectives. Moving small and big, slow like a turtle or graceful like a Giraffe, visible or blind are settings where time can be present or absent at the same time, depending on where your focus is at. What is used in exercises for awareness and mindfullness we tried to capture in not moving pixels, lying flat connected to each other building a whole image all together. Experienced in taking photos of human bodies in motion I looked out for intense positions and tried to match the movement myself pressing the shutter at the same time, creating also a dynamic connection between the viewer and the protagonist.

Time can be hard. You cannot stop it. It is not in your hands, you have to live under the influences and the pressure which is given by the relationship from time to work. When you are not able to get your work done in time, it is bad. Use your time and do something with it…Time is money…Or working against the clock are not the phrases one is happy to perceive.


Finding the beauty in time.

Have you witnessed a feather falling and getting swirled up again you could watch and follow for hours?

Have you seen birds flying in a v-shape searching for the best way south?

Have you pointed your fingers and played with time when they are touching?

Have you felt the sunlight on your skin?

A gentle touch in your face?


It is about that.

Your perception.

And you can find that in movement.

And also the pictures show something of that. Let me know if you can relate to that.

What was meant as just a first meet together to try some ideas in creating pictures together turned out in some very sensibel, strong results, which Im very proud of – capturing some fragments of time and dance on a parkingdeck in Berlin.


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